2023 IFSA Junior Series Structure Changes

Freeride is evolving! Please review the changes to the 2023 IFSA Junior Series structure...



Sept 13, 2022: Please review the following important updates and changes to the 2023 Junior Series competition structure. 

2023 IFSA Junior Series Structure Changes


Freeride is EXPLODING!
Since the 2016 competitive season, IFSA membership has expanded by 93%. For the 2022 season alone, the IFSA Coach population grew by 22% and we witnessed a 19% increase in athlete participation. The popularity of competitive Freeride continues to accelerate and the evolution of our series structure and rules is essential to keep pace with the demand. If you missed our 2022 Board of Directors recap, you can review that here


To facilitate and support the evolution of our Junior Freeride Series the IFSA will implement a stepwise progression to the series format in 2023 and 2024. The 2023 Series will include some modifications that will allow us to implement a new seeded ranking list in the 2024 season that will dictate an athete's registration access.

The new structure will better align with our FWQ Adult Series format in addition to the Freeride Junior Tour format utilized by our partners in Region 1 in Europe/Oceania. The seeding list to be implemented in 2024 will tabulate a junior athlete's best finishes in a rolling 52-week period to determine their ability to gain entry into a specific event.


Overview for the 2023 Season


  • We will maintain the same 2* Regional and 3* National event series levels.

  • The schedule for event registration will mirror previous seasons. All 3* National registration openings will occur in November and early December. Registration for 2* Regional events will open approx. 6 weeks prior to event date. Some regions (such as Rockies and Far West may opt to run 2* Regional registrations at different time intervals, updates will always be provided in our Rope Drop emails.

  • An athlete’s IFSA Overall Ranking will be based on their best two (2) of three (3) 3* National events and best two (2) of first three (3) 2* Regional events, as in years past. 


      Access to 3* National events is changing for the 2023 season. As in years past, registration will first be made available to Pre-qualified athletes followed by Team Quota athletes selected by each team's head coach.

      For the 2023 season, the IFSA will expand the Pre-qualified athlete list with the goal of primarily filling 3* National events with Pre-qualified and Team Quota athletes. Open registration to 3* National events for athletes who are NOT Pre-qualified or selected for Team Quota will be available on a very limited basis and it will run first come, first served. Athletes who do not gain entry to the 3* National Series will compete in the 2* Regional Series. 

      • Athletes will be limited to participating in a maximum of three (3) 3* National events.

      • 3* National Pre-qualification status will be established using the 2022 IFSA Overall Rankings. Approx. 22% of our athlete population will be included on the 2023 Pre-Qual list. This represents a substantial increase in the number of Pre-Qualified athletes which has traditionally included 7-8% of the athlete population based on division size. 

      • Team Quota allocations will be awarded to Freeride teams who have 7 or more IFSA member athletes over the age 12 who train a minimum of 9 days a season. Coaches MUST submit their Team Quota requests prior to the deadline in November. We will be award approx. the same number of Team Quota spots as we have in the past. No team may qualify for greater than 4 Team Quota spots. 

      Registration for 2* Regional events will be open to all athletes, regardless of their ranking, on a first come, first served basis.


If you have questions, please circle up with your coach prior to contacting the IFSA.
We'll be sharing more specific details about registration in the coming weeks. 


Please be on the lookout for our new 2023 Athlete Handbooks,
we'll be adding them to the website soon! 


2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

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  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics
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