Snowbird Ski Education Foundation - Freeride Program Director

Snowbird Ski Education Foundation

June 3, 2021

Job Description: Freeride Program Director

PROGRAM MISSION: "We strive to foster a passion and lifelong love of winter sports and an active outdoor lifestyle while developing the life skills associated with success in all endeavors: goal setting, self discipline, a strong work ethic, determination and commitment."

POSITION: Reporting to the Executive Director, the Freeride Program Director is responsible for the management of the SBSEF/AltaBird Freeride Program as it relates to athletes, coaches, parents, media, competition. This position is also expected to assist in suggesting, developing, and implementing policies, programs, projects, fundraising efforts, and goals as they relate to SBSEF at large. The position is full time. Winter schedule includes six days per week. Travel required.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience coaching all level Freeride athletes USSA Coaching Certification (Level 100 or above) IFSA Coaching Certification (Level 100 or above) Strong working relationships with IFSA and USSA Excellent communication skills with athletes and parents Excellent leadership skills Excellent organizational skills Budget management skills Knowledge of resort dynamics and terrain at Snowbird and Alta Desire to maintain a program that holds high standards for athletes and coaches

1. Management of the Freeride Team
2. Coordination of Freeride Team Programs on and off the snow
3. Assist Executive Director with events
4. Assist with Club-wide events as needed

RESPONSIBILITIES: Athlete Training, Preparation, & Administration

● Work with the Executive Director to develop and manage the Freeride Program Budget

● Interview and hire new coaches for the program

● Communicate with new families and athletes interested in joining the Freeride Team

● Be in communication with Alta and Snowbird Management in the Fall

● Collaborate with other head coaches in SBSEF programs for dryland programing, and other on snow training throughout the season ● Design and implement a year-round athletic plan for the Freeride Program

● Sept - Nov. Maintain regular office hours as agreed upon with Alpine Program Director

● Design and Manage Freeride conditioning program (including in-season plan)

● Design and implement staff training ● Establish coach schedules for the Winter

● Organize tryout sessions in the Spring and Fall for New Athletes

● Plan and assist in Team Equipment Nights for the athletes

● Communicate effectively with athletes, staff, and parents via Team Snap, Email, Phone, and in person

● Identify Parent Coordinator each season, and their responsibilities

● Meet with athletes, coaches, and parents for program nights/explanations

● Conduct pre and post season athlete interviews (goals, schedules, plans, etc.)

● Help athletes and parents to know how IFSA Big Mountain Comp Judging and Competition works

● Plan competition schedule for athletes and help with registration

● Plan travel for National Team Athletes

● Guide all athletes and parents through the competition registration period

● Manage Freeride equipment-radios, jackets, swag

● Participate in on-snow training at all levels

● Attend and hold meetings as necessary

● Participate in Divisional and Regional coaching projects as necessary or required

● Coordinate training and travel with other SBSEF departments/groups as necessary

● Utilize video review/archiving techniques online (Sprongo, etc.)

● Post information on the website and via email as appropriate

● Create athlete/freeride team calendar

● Post results online

● Prepare (with staff) athlete evaluations

● Organize and prepare awards for end of year Awards Banquet

● End of year coach evaluations

● Organize training camps for spring/summer Travel

● Organize and arrange logistics for Freeride Team travel for athletes and coaches

● Create trip budgets and info sheets for travel, and serve as Team Captain unless otherwise designated

● Transport SBSEF athletes to comps and projects

● After each trip direct athletes to properly clean-up interior of the vehicle (with athletes) & Fill out a Vehicle Log sheet after each trip

● Report all expenses (with receipts) to the Executive Director and Bookkeeper

● Organize Shuttle transportation for weekday training Equipment

● Maintain inventory records of all program related equipment

● Repair and maintain equipment as necessary Professional Development

● Review technical videos and publications

● Attend professional development courses/seminars to upgrade/update personal skills

● Assist Executive Director with internal staff training Off-Season

● Participate in off-season (May-August) SBSEF camps/projects as needed

● Design and manage Freeride conditioning program

● Organize collaboration training sessions with Team Utah and/or Wasatch Freestyle

● Communication with new athletes and returning athletes

● Helping with registration


● Salary DOQ

● Includes Health Care benefits

● Includes Simple IRA benefits Applications/inquiries should be addressed to Bridger Call - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




2020 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • IOA Insurance Services
  • Gear Dryer
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • PromoShop
  • Freeride World Tour